Ask for help

There are times and situations when it is healthy to ask for help. Many people have difficulty asking for help or accepting it when offered. It has been true for me both in my personal and professional life. In an article in Experience Life entitled Need a Hand? By Ellen Hendriksen, it is recommended that we get more skillful in seeking outside aid.

The challenges you need to overcome are:

  • Fear of being judged negatively
  • A need to be able to do it all
  • Dread of being turned down
  • A stereotypical notion of what a woman or a man should be able to do
  • A stubborn sense of self-reliance

Strategies for success include:

  • Ask yourself how you would feel if someone asked you for help
  • Accept that people like to help
  • Rehearse asking for help with a small request
  • Recognize your limits
  • Look at the situation as a problem
  • Take “no” in stride
  • Think of the request as getting expert advice

Getting help with professional tasks supported my teaming and collaboration skills. Getting help from my family encouraged me to be less picky about how and when things got done. Ask for and accept help.

Remember those who help you help their heart!



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