Spirituality can lead to healthy habits

The article On Faith and Fitness in Experience Life states that the roots of spirituality and exercise have ancient origins and have been interconnected since the birth of faith itself. The spiritual texts of many different religions suggest this relationship. Explore what feeds your spirit and use that to inspire a healthy lifestyle.

 Important messages in this article regarding spirit and health include:

  • Spiritual motivations can inspire a healthy lifestyle even for those who practice no religion at all.
  • For fitness-faith practitioners, from the devout to the agnostic, the relationship between the physical and spiritual is symbiotic
  • Spirituality is a powerful source of intrinsic motivation that helps people to adopt and maintain healthy habits
  • Connecting healthy choices to spiritual values may provide meaning and motivation that is required to make those changes stick
  • For the devout and non devout alike, spiritual beliefs are powerful, life-shaping forces

A Christian pastor, Rick Warren, as a means of inspiring his congregation to shift their unhealthy habits, created the Daniel Plan. The five “Essentials” of the plan are inspirational, whether you follow the plan or even observe a particular religion:

  • Faith-A foundation of faith can empower you to make healthy lifestyle choices
  • Food-Eat healthy foods that bring you energy and vitality
  • Fitness-The most effective form of exercise is the one you will actually do
  • Focus-Focus on a grander plan and priorities for your life
  • Friends-Connect with a community of support

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