The morning you were born was one of the foggiest I have ever seen. As we crawled along the freeway in the early morning soupy mist, I decided I needed to start my breathing. Oh my, I knew it was going to be close, but we made it. Hang with your son(s).


Do you remember?


*Getting a star each time you stayed on your mat during nap time


*Wearing camouflage shirts and pants every day for a year


*Making weapons from tree branches and household items


*Looking up at me and asking me if I had a bad day at work as you so accurately read my facial expressions


*Going on a hike, bike or to Skate King to burn off a little energy


*Being seated next to many different classmates because your teachers told me you could get along with anybody


*Admitting to me (years later) that you had driven down the coast to Tijuana Mexico and had not been camping with friends in Eastern Washington


*Making a few changes in your high school graduation speech in order to entertain your friends (and their parents)


*Sleeping in the Trooper as we drove you home from the University of Redlands


*Sleeping in the Penske as we drove you to Denver to start school at the University of Colorado


*Almost giving me a heart attack when you blew holes in your abdomen with fireworks


One of the ways I put myself first is to make sure I connect with my sons and their gals. My life is sometimes filled with a little too much excitement, but is also much richer because of you James!!!

Happy 30th birthday and much love as you start a new decade!


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