Eat and drink a few of the same healthy foods and beverages everyday.

I eat and drink a few of the same foods and beverages everyday.   I start each day with a cup of green tea and drink water throughout the day. I have an apple or share an apple, eat yogurt for breakfast or lunch and have a leafy green salad with lunch and/or dinner. Eat and drink a few of the same healthy foods and beverages everyday.

 According to Susan Roberts, the director of the Energy Metabolism Laboratory at Tufts, although many fall into the habit of buying, preparing and eating the same foods each day, “more food variety universally leads to more food intake”. Most would eat more if presented with a buffet of vegetables versus one large bowl of salad. The same would hold true if presented with a variety of junk food. She believes one way to control overeating is to trim your mealtime array of food options.

Growing up I watched my mom eat oatmeal everyday for breakfast. I supplement a variety of healthy foods to those same foods I eat each day. The article with the above information suggests we “consider this permission to be monogamous when it comes to your favorite healthy meals.”


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