Engage Your Core-What?

How many times have you heard the term “engage your core”?   Unfortunately, the phrase is often misunderstood. Many do not know what core really encompasses and the word engage does not adequately describe the action you need to perform on your “core”. Engage your core or “tighten your trunk”!

My older brother Mark was in the Marine Corps and has always been into physical fitness. When I was young he used to brace for a punch and have me hit him in the abdomen as hard as I could. I know I was unable to inflict pain because he would “tighten his trunk” into a steel ring of muscles around his middle. The core includes all of the muscles that encase the trunk and run from your shoulders down to your butt!

Engage your core is such an important concept to understand for any type of movement as part of your daily routines or fitness activities.


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2 thoughts on “Engage Your Core-What?

  1. Ooh, good description of the core, “steel ring” of muscles. After all my years of exercising, I did not know the core meant from your shoulders on down. It really makes sense now when I think of engaging your core to support extended arm actions, like lifting grocery bags from the trunk of your car. No wonder people incur back injuries so easily, not knowing what muscles to engage. It is the whole trunk. I’ve got it now!


    • Yes, “engaging your core” is misunderstoond and takes some practice. However, the benefits of correctly learning this skill are huge. Preventing an injury is my # one priority!


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