Why focus on strengthening your core?

Why do physical therapists, personal trainers and fitness experts all stress the importance of focusing on your core? The reason for this recommendation is because the everyday benefits are huge! Focus on strengthening your core in order to:

  • Prevent injuries from daily physical tasks-standing, lifting, bending
  • Lower the risk of back pain
  • Improve stability and balance-lessen the risk of falling
  • Improve posture-lessen wear and tear on the spine
  • Improve athletic performance-biking, running, golfing
  • Enhance sexual pleasure (last but certainly not least:)-pelvic floor strength and flexibility

The muscles surrounding your torso connect your upper and lower body. A strong and powerful core is the foundation for all forms of movement. Strengthen the muscles in your core to improve your ability to move in all daily physical activities. 

Contact Well Health Coach Jan jan@wellhealthyways.com

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