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Today is the 40th anniversay of the eruption of Mt. St. Helens.  That day, a portion of this beautiful volcano blasted off into the atmosphere.  Two months later, my husband and I were driving into Washington State to check it out as our possible future home.  Before we left, my mom questioned me, “You aren’t […]
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Outexercising Extra Calories is Almost Impossible

I really enjoyed reading this interview I found on GrubStreet before my walk this morning.   GrubStreet is one of the nation’s leading creative writing centers.  Here was one of the interviewer’s questions: Q:  I want to lose weight. Is diet really more important than exercise? “Yes. It is much easier to outeat running than […]
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Earth Day 2020/Covid-19

I recently read an obituary of a woman in her late 90’s who passed away from the coronavirus.  Her older sister passed away 102 years ago during the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic!  Today we celebrate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day.  Earth Day 2020 falls in the same year that we are struggling with the […]
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Keep Your Home Virus Free/Then Get Outside

Be vigilent about practicing social distancing and do not forget to keep your home virus free as well. The CDC recommends disinfecting high-touch surfaces, such as countertops, door-knobs, cellphones and flush toilet handles.  Do not  overuse chemical cleaners or mix cleaners to boost effectiveness.  There is no need to panic-clean, just read the product labels. […]
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Summer in the Mountains

There is nothing quite like watching the sun rise in the mountains.  The views are breathtaking and the mountain air is fresh and clean.  I captured these shots of the sun coming up behind the hills as I was looking east across this open space. Now this is a healthy way to start your day!

Summer in the City

Summer in Seattle this year was very warm and sunny.  Unfortunately, we also had to deal with smokey skies due to western wildfires that significantly impacted our air quality. I did get in some sweaty bikes, took in some beautiful city views, and watched the seaplanes swoop down onto Lake Union. Summer’s not over yet!

Stuck in a Rut?

Last weekend I was out at Lake Sammamish State Park to watch the start of the MFG cyclocross season. I lived near this amazing park for decades and have vivid memories of hanging out here to bike, picnic, swim, walk our dogs, and just have fun playing with our sons.  I realized I was stuck […]
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Long Weekends

The three-day weekend is something we all seem to love!  A long summer weekend with the perfect fun activities, food, friends, and family, not to mention beautiful weather, is one of life’s special treats. What a great start to the month of September, which for me, always feels like the beginning of a new year!

Seattle Summer Awe

When the weather cooperates, the Seattle area shines from every angle.  I awoke late this morning to an unusual light peeking in my window.  When I stepped outside on this magnificent morning, I got a view of the most spectacular sunrise!!!   The video was so revealing with the layers of light from the sun […]
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Magical Music

Music can be a source of pleasure, but research has also shown that there are many different psychological benefits as well.  Music can influence your thoughts and feelings, impact your mood, and even inspire action.  Music therapy is an intervention sometimes utilized to promote emotional health, help patients cope with stress, and boost psychological well-being. […]
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