Why meditation is worth it

Last June when I made a career move, my amazing friends gave me a book entitled “The New Health Rules” by F. Lipman and D. Claro. There are so many great wellness and health strategies in this little book and the information on why meditation is worth a try guided me in using it as a strategy to create a healthier lifestyle:

“Meditation triggers a relaxation cycle in the body—oxygen in, tension

out—that not only fells great but also changes the way you react to stress.

When you meditate regularly, you’ll find that small irritations and big

Challenges don’t hit you as hard as they used to; you’re a little calmer,

and a little nicer. On a practical level, meditation gives you a great place

to put your overactive mind when you’re replaying events or feeling

anxious about what ‘s to come. Think of it as a wholesome alternative to

a stiff drink. There are different types of practices—some loose and others

structured. Take an opportunity to try them and find what works for you.

Once you get into it, meditation is like a tool you have in your back pocket.

You can use it anytime, anywhere, to rest, relax and restart.”


Some of the reported benefits of meditation include an increase in:

  • Self-awareness
  • A focus on the present
  • Sense of calmness

and a decrease in:

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Perception of pain

My perceptions of what meditation really is changed once I did some research on different meditation practices. Lipman and Claro discuss how music can work like meditation. Listening to some soothing music can slow down our internal rhythms. Try relaxing with your favorite mellow music to sooth yourself.

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