Mindfulness meditation

Thousands of studies have been conducted by independent research institutions, over many decades, on the practice of mindfulness meditation. These studies have shown mindfulness meditation can be clinically effective for managing pain, depression, stress, anxiety and a wide range of medical and mental health conditions. Give mindfulness meditation practice a try.

 Mindfulness is a quality we all have which can be developed for use as a valuable wellness strategy. Mindfulness can be used in various activities such as walking, eating and meditation. Mindfulness meditation is a western form of meditation derived from a centuries old Buddhist practice. It can assist in developing self-awareness and the ability to stay fully focused on the present. To practice you will need:

  • A quiet spot
  • A comfortable sitting position
  • A point of focus that is internal (i.e. imaginary scene) or external (i.e. an object in your environment)
  • An attitude of observation


On my initial intentional attempts at mindfulness meditation, eight of the tips that spoke to me from 20 Practical Tips for Understanding the Mind included:

  • Sit for just two minutes
  • Don’t get caught up in the how-just do
  • Count your breaths
  • Come back when you wander
  • Don’t worry about clearing the mind
  • Do a body scan
  • Notice the light, sounds and energy
  • Really Commit yourself
  • Smile when you are done


Some believe the foundation of happiness is mindfulness. That we all should just stop, and connect and communicate with ourselves in order to understand what is going on within us. As I look back at personal and professional life challenges, I know that the most important step in dealing with those challenges was becoming reconnected with myself!

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