Walking for aerobic fitness

Walking can be competitive as in racewalking, the Olympic sport, or a perfect exercise that is available to everyone. There are studies that show that when walking at a pace greater than five miles per hour you will burn twice as many calories as runners traveling at the same pace.

As you begin your regular walking make sure you have supportive walking shoes, dress in layers with loose-fitting reflective clothing and carry identification.  Also remember to put on sun screen and use sunglasses.

As you progress:

  • Chart your course
  • Test yourself
  • Maintain your training zone (60-90 percent of your maximum heart rate)
  • Maintain a regular schedule of  at least three times weekly
  • Adjust your stride to a comfortable length
  • Correct your posture
  • Maintain your arm swing
  • Do some dynamic stretching before and static stretching after your walks
  • Enjoy yourself

As I have mentioned in my blog, walking is my favorite form of exercise and something I have been doing regularly my entire life.  This time of year is one of my favorite times to walk because of all of the beautiful spring flowers in bloom. I also love getting in some hills to pump up my heart rate.






Incorporating regular physical activity into your daily routine can bring about a real change, mentally as well as physically.

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