Control snack portion size

Very few of us can go for hours between meals without having a snack. Whether the snack is healthy or unhealthy, many of us have also been tempted to eat too much food when snacking. Some research has shown that snacking promotes weight gain, however eating between meals will only induce weight gain if you regularly eat more calories than you need.

To control your snack portion size:

  • Buy single serving-portions of snacks you may overeat do not eat from a bag with multiple servings (i.e.chips, cookies, trail mix)
  • Use the serving size on packages to portion out snacks into small bags or bowls (i.e.nuts, yogurt)
  • Have a snack with both carbohydrates and protein that will more likely leave you satisfied ( and string cheese)
  • Focus attention on your food as you would during a meal-eat mind fully
  • Eat at table-a snack is a mini-meal
  • Make it a practice of not eating in the car

The unhealthy or less healthy snacks that I want are usually sweet with chocolate.  I buy a single serving chocolate and if I crave a cookie and have no time to make a cookie-for-one, I will buy a two pack and share a cookie!




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