Maybe some dried fruit

I really love dried fruit for a snack.  Dried apricots are one of my favorite so this package caught my eye when I first walked into the store.

Sugar content of dried fruit:

  • Raisins: 59%.
  • Dates: 64–66%.
  • Prunes: 38%.
  • Apricots: 53%.
  • Figs: 48%.

Fruit contains significant amounts of natural sugars including both glucose and fructose. Sugar and calories are concentrated into a small portion size since the water has been removed from the apricots.  Dried fruit is very high in calories and sugar.  It is easy for many, including me, to eat large amounts of dried fruit at a time.  Eating too much fructose can increase your risk of obesity, type 2 diabetes and heart disease. (from



Because it is easy for me to eat too much dried fruit (this package had 11 servings), I decided to pass up the dried apricots and find a snack I could eat without additional portions that could tempt me later in the day.

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