Create a walking goal

As we were driving by Freeway Park in Seattle a few weekends ago, we heard some sweet sounds in the air.  Freeway Park bridges over Interstate 5 and a large city-owned parking lot. The 5.2-acre park opened to the public July 4, 1976. A later addition to the park winds several blocks up First Hill, with a staircase and wheelchair ramp. It is nestled between skyscrapers and is a precedent setting park that single-handedly defined a new land-use typology for American cities.

During July and August this summer on Sunday afternoons there are blues and jazz concerts at the park.  After parking the car at our condo, we hoofed it down to the park so we could listen to the free concert.


I came across this program above on the internet.  Walk Kansas is a team-based  health initiative from Kansas State University and was developed to help others lead a healthier life by:

  • being more active with friends and family
  • making better nutrition choices
  • and walking away your stress

Create a plan to start or increase your daily walking.  Come up with a team,  select a goal and a time frame, and start logging your walking minutes!

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