Micro resolutions-less social media/more family/friend time

For those of us that did not grow up in the age of social media, it may be easier for us to put down our smart phones/laptops.  The flip side is we need to learn the value of social media from the younger generation along with modeling the value of actual conversations and face-to-face family and friend time.

  • Instead of “I m breaking my social media addiction”…Think “Once a day I’ll skip the urge to log on.”

Giving up social media may not be realistic or even beneficial.  So choose a micro resolution that addresses compulsive checking of social media.

  • Instead of “I’ll spend more time with friends and family”…Think “I’ll put my phone away at every meal.”

Declare the dining table a no-phone zone.  Sherry Turtle, Ph.D., author of “Reclaiming Conversation” suggests that designating a “sacred space” could be easier than putting your phone away for a certain time period.

10 Micro Resolutions by June DeMelo


Even though many of us would like to say “just put the phone down”, we need to make sure our micro resolutions are realistic.  It makes me smile when I hear my 92-year-old mother comment on how everyone is always looking at their phone and swiping their finger across the screen.  I love to strike up conversations with those looking at their phone when riding in an elevator (I must take after my mom:)

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