Back for the wedding

In 2016, after my son James and marvelous Mindy from Michigan were engaged, they began planning a small intimate wedding with just their immediate family present.  Their preferred destination?  The “lakes”, our family vacation spot for decades, which is just a few hours from Mindy’s family home in Michigan.  My mom was excited about the prospect of holding the wedding near her cabin and also confided in me how much she loved Mindy’s idea of getting married on 7/7/17.

She went to work immediately securing the shelter for the first ever wedding at the lakes!  We had delish beer batter fried fresh fish by Steve, burgers and salads by Dan, cake by Sarah, and wine, ice-cream, and chocolates, complements of Bill and Fawn, Mindy’s folks.

Mindy’s sister Meghan officiated on a day with spectacular summer weather that seemed as if it was almost ordered by my mom.  Although Edie was not physically present, she was clearly with us in spirit on that special wedding day!

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