Favorite produce of the past summer

My favorite garden produce of the past summer were the lovely tomatoes.  I used tomatoes, fresh and roasted, in leafy green salads, in Caprese salads with basil, and for Marinara sauce.  However, my favorite menu item made with tomatoes was tomato soup! My featured photo is Lemon Boy tomato soup with a dollop of greek yogurt and sliced scallions.

This was my first year growing Lemon Boys and it will not be my last.

According to Tomato Dirt, “Its lemon shade was the first of its kind – not golden in color — marking the variety as distinctive. Lemon Boy’s low acidity has added to its consistent and growing reputation. Plus, plants are pretty. Bright yellow fruit create a stark contrast to the plant’s dark green foliage. And gardeners rave about the variety’s disease resistance.”

The Early Girl tomato soup was excellent also, especially topped with a little Parmesan and fresh basil.  

I had nice yellow squash I used with many summer meals.

Eating the ripe cherry tomatoes off the vine as I walked along my raised garden bed was such a terrific treat, and healthy too.

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