Make your “home” a happy one

You can tell by the look on Kevan and Grace’s faces, that Edie is no longer in her home and this will most likely be the last time they will ever sit on her porch glider again:(

Although they may not see her beautiful old house again, they will always be reminded of the far out 60’s shag carpet thanks to James 🙂

And the next time they are in Peoria, than can visit grandma’s bench in her favorite place to walk and think.

Kevan, this bench will make so many people very happy, when they sit and look across the lagoon in Glen Oak Park and think of Edie or just enjoy the view.  I can almost hear the music coming from the band shell!

“If solid happiness we prize, within our breast the jewel lies…from our own selves our joys must flow, and that dear place-our home”.


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