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Can it be just four short years ago the sun set on this special McYalowitz day? The setting and weather were so perfect for your wedding! Happy 4th Anniversary Kevan & Grace! The sweet sisters and the wild brothers, along with family and friends, came together to celebrate your love! And then we ate… wow did […]
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Family, Fun, and Food

There are an unlimited number of ways to play.  One of my favorite ways to play is by spending time in the kitchen.  I especially love cooking with family and friends.  It is like a double dose of fun.  My featured photo is a mostly vegan meal I made for some special young women in […]
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Just one short year ago the sun set on this spectacular day.  The setting and weather were so perfect for your wedding day!   . Happy 1st Anniversary James and Mindy!


Do you know what anniversary means? It is the annual recurrence of a date marking a notable event, not just a marriage!  Today is July 2nd, the date of my mom’s birth.  This is the second year celebrating this date since she passed away. Making connections is one of the ways to support health and wellness. […]
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Wonder & Wildlife

The last full day in the park we got up early and headed out from Gardiner, back into the park. The Mammoth to Tower-Roosevelt drive was spectacular! We were also focused on safety on bear country hikes!  My sister even got a Yellowstone cap with a bear logo stitched on the front.  I did not […]
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Boiling Geysers and Hot Springs

Although the weather was marginal when we first flew into Bozeman, by the time we got down to Old Faithful we had some blue skies. Our second full day we toured and hiked around the Old Faithful area. We got off the board walks to trek up and see the Solitary Geyser. The average elevation […]
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Yellowstone’s Vistas and Views

I have blogged frequently about the importance of finding your awe, intentionally regaining that sense of wonder you often felt as a child.  Awe is difficult to define, but research shows that the awestruck state of being is good for you, and promotes wellness. Artist Point is one of those views in Yellowstone National Park […]
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Memorial Day 2018

Today is  Memorial Day, May 28, 2018. Most people will be celebrating the three-day weekend to start the summer season. Some may spend time with family and friends enjoying nice weather outside, recreating, and having a BBQ.  Some may attend a Memorial Day event or concert, decorate with flags, or share a meal with friends/family to […]
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Make your “home” a happy one

You can tell by the look on Kevan and Grace’s faces, that Edie is no longer in her home and this will most likely be the last time they will ever sit on her porch glider again:( Although they may not see her beautiful old house again, they will always be reminded of the far […]
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Be thankful for family

My family has been so supportive during this past year.  My immediate and extended family call me and sent me cards and letters.  So many did so very much to show your love for Edie.  Every time I walk through the Pike Place Market I will visit the fence where Edie’s charm is located Grace! […]
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