Move Outside

Spring is that time of year that the weather can be unpredictable.  The Seattle area does not have the extremes from day-to-day that other parts of the country experience with very distinct seasons, but Eastern Washington was very interesting last week.

Eastern Washington is that part of the state east of the Cascade Mountains.  A significant difference between Eastern Washington and the western half of the state is its climate. While the west half of the state is located in a rainy ocean influenced climate, the eastern half receives little rainfall due to the rain shadow created by the Cascades. Also, summers are hotter and winters are colder than the westside. Most communities in Western Washington have minimal snowfall or maybe no snow at all many winters. Both sides of the state have more rainfall in winter than summer, a lack of severe storms, and milder temperature ranges than more inland locations in the United States.


Check this week to see the ways I was “moving outside” in Eastern Washington!


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