A Late Winter Bike

Some people (like ;D like working out at the gym. Others (like me) love getting outside to feed our spirit AND get some exercise. There is some research that suggests outdoor exercise might have even more health benefits than a trip to the gym. Check out these six reasons from Huffington Post Wellness (9/21/14) to try an outside workout:

  1. Outdoor exercise boosts your mood
  2. Outdoor exercise improves attention and focus
  3. Outdoor exercise helps you stick with a routine
  4. Outdoor exercise keeps your weight steady
  5. Outdoor exercise ramps up your energy
  6. Outdoor exercise improves vitamin D levels (remember to use sunscreen)

One day last week it snowed all day so I went outside to take a beautiful snow walk.  The very next day it was so warm and sunny I hopped on my bike and took off for a spin!




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