Wettest Road Bike Ever

This past weekend I took the “wettest” road bike ever!  And I felt like I was on the “wettest” spot on earth.  I have never been so soaked and still had such an inspiring bike.  I could not take my eyes off this fence-line along the road.  No wonder it is called Misty Isle Farm.

I did a few hills and decided to slow down in an area with more cover and just look at the vegetation on the side of the road.

The running water was beautiful with the raindrops creating small and large concentric circles.

I did some research and found that Cherrapunji India is listed as the wettest place on earth, but it thirsts for water each winter when no rain falls at all for months. The weather phenomenon that brings so much rain to Cherrapinji is called the monsoons. (from Extreme Science.com)

My weekend bike felt like I had been dropped into the monsoon season!


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