Magical Music

Music can be a source of pleasure, but research has also shown that there are many different psychological benefits as well.  Music can influence your thoughts and feelings, impact your mood, and even inspire action.  Music therapy is an intervention sometimes utilized to promote emotional health, help patients cope with stress, and boost psychological well-being.

I have blogged before about walking to excellent concerts while I am in Seattle. Recently I spent a weekend in Ellensburg for their annual Jazz in The Valley festival.  I had not been in a number of years, but now I plan on attending regularly!  The venues are in various businesses (ie art gallery, furniture store) and open areas in this small Eastern Washington college town.

Some of music’s possible benefits include:

*improve your cognitive performance

*reduce stress

*help you eat less

*improve your memory

*help you manage pain

*may improve sleep

*improve your motivation

*improve your mood

*might reduce the symptoms of depression

*improve athletic performance (The Surprising Psychological Benefits of Music by Kendra Cherry 7/14/18 from Very Well Mind)

I recently listened to the Kevin Jones Band at Icicle Ridge Winery’s beautiful outdoor venue!  Music just may get you to move as well;)

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