I recently read that Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s mother passed away when Ruth was just 17 years old and she continues to be an inspiring guide for Justice Ginsburg.  She keeps a picture of her hanging in her chambers.

I really have felt the  presence of my mom since her passing three years ago.  Even in death she has been a positive daily influence.  She is a spiritual guide who continues to be a powerful force in my life.  I decided to celebrate her this entire week by spending time in the great outdoors!  She nurtured in all of her children a love for nature.

I went for a walk and the snow is almost totally melted now!

On a bike, I stopped to meditate in this peaceful spot on the grounds of a Catholic church in the mountains!

First light is that time right before sunrise.  It is a magical time in nature!

Let your spiritual guide be a powerful and motivating force in your life.

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