Move and stretch during holiday travel

Whether your travel is a road trip via a long car ride or an extended flight across the country, it is important to move and stretch every few hours.  When we stay seated, with little lack of movement or change in position, we can experience poor circulation and our joints can become stiff.   Take time to stretch and get up and move every few hours during holiday travels.

Depending on your mode of travel:

  • Get up and out and move around if possible
  • Try to elevate your legs and feet and wiggle your toes
  • Do some stretches for your quads, calves and upper body
  • If traveling by car, safely pull off on a side road, get out, run around and do a few jumping jacks (this is especially important when traveling with kids:)

I travel frequently in the Pacific Northwest, usually by car and ferry. I always get out of my car on the ferry and climb the stairs up to the passenger deck. It feels good to walk outside, feel the wind my face and do a few stretches. I also travel often by car to Eastern Washington and I have a few favorite spots to stop and stretch near the beautiful Teanaway River Valley.







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