Active Vacations

My entire life I have been hanging out with the boys.  First it was with my sister and our brothers and next it was with my husband and sons.  I started swimming and fishing in lakes and hiking and running in the woods and now I may be biking, hiking, skiing, snowshoeing, swimming or walking. Plan holiday trips that are centered on physical activities.

 I recently read an article on active vacations on Kids and many of their tips apply to children and adults alike! An active vacation has a focus on physical activities. Make sure to:

  • Involve all those traveling in the planning process
  • Choose the activities and the destination once you have a budget and researched any travel alerts
  • Consider each person’s interest level and abilities
  • Once you arrive at your destination:

~Take some time to recover if you changed a few time zones

~Consider changing weather

~Schedule activities to accommodate differing abilities

~Be flexible and open to changing plans

~Do not forget to plan some downtime

~Everyone needs to have fun

Our family has traveled all over the US and the world and in each of our destinations we explore and keep physically active. Whether biking and hiking in Bend or skiing and snowshoeing at Schweitzer Mountain, the focus is being active physically!


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