New Year Grocery Shopping

During the holiday season it can feel like a junk food feeding frenzy. Many have good intentions and resolve to eat healthier and lose weight in the New Year.

Researchers at the Cornell Food and Brand Lab uncovered some interesting grocery buying habits:

  • Shoppers spend 15 % more on food during the holiday season (Thanksgiving to New Year’s)
  • Only 25 % of that additional food is healthy
  • After the New Year shoppers continued to buy a greater amount of food
  • Although more healthy food makes it into the cart, shoppers continue to buy the less-healthy items also

“Despite New Year’s resolutions to eat healthier, people tend to hang on to those unhealthy holiday favorites and keep buying them in the New Year,” says co-author Drew Hanks, Ohio State University. Have a healthy shopping strategy and keep to the perimeter of the grocery store. Stick to a written grocery list and substitute fresh produce and nutrient-rich foods for junk food.

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