Eating Patterns

For many folks, changing eating habits is not an easy task. Unhealthy eating patterns can develop as part of daily routines. Follow healthy eating patterns such as eating whole foods.

In Women’s Health the 10 Eating Habits of the Highly Successful and Fit are listed:

  1. They Tend to Stick to the Same “Daily Menu”
  2. They Eat Breakfast
  3. They Drink Water
  4. They Eat Small—And Often
  5. They Eat Whole Foods First
  6. They Know Their Foods
  7. They Eat Their Favorite Foods—Carefully
  8. They Don’t Keep Red Zone Food in the House
  9. They Close the Kitchen after Dinner
  10. They’re Resourceful and Politely Picky at Restaurants

 I eat many of the same foods over a period of a week.   In the winter I tend to eat more steel cut oats for breakfast than I do during warmer months. I add other nutrient-rich foods to my diet that I do not eat regularly.



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