Spiritual health and well-being

I believe spirituality is a concept that is personal and defined based on the perspectives of each individual.

In his book, The Best Alternative Medicine, Dr. Kenneth R Pelletier defines spirituality as “an inner sense of something greater than oneself, a recognition of a meaning of existence” and also states that spirituality includes “a diminished focus on self; feeling of love that leads to compassion, empathy, gratitude; and the experience of inner peace”.  These traits are very important for health and well-being.

Pelletier describes religion as “the outward expression of spiritual impulses, in the form of a specific religion or practice”.  Religiosity and spirituality are not the same, however both seem to have positive effects on our health and psychological well-being.

Bradley and Craig Willcox, in their book The Okinawa Program state “spirituality connects us to our deepest values, beliefs, and feelings. It also “gives meaning and purpose to our lives, and affects the way we feel about aging, how we deal with illness and death, and what kind of lifestyle choices we make”.

There is much evidence of the positive role of spiritual and/or religious factors in holistic health.  Achieve maximum well-being by focusing on the connection of mind, body, and spirit.


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