Cooking is a sensory experience

There are certain recipes that I tend to make again and again.  Usually because those I cook for think the recipe is delicious and sometimes just because it is so fun to make.  Measuring, chopping, and squishing the ingredients between your fingers is a wonderful sensory experience  (making meatloaf for example:) It makes you feel like you did as a child when finger painting or using play dough!

Here is a list of “Ten Reasons Why I Love Cooking” found on

  1. I can let out the creative side of me
  2. I love the challenge of providing good food for my family on a budget
  3. It’s a time when I can usually chill out in my kitchen with my favourite music
  4. I  love filling the house with welcoming smells
  5. I like touching, stirring, kneading and rolling since it is therapeutic
  6. I love the  occasions when we can come together to share and eat
  7. I enjoy learning about nutrition and discovering what certain foods do in preparation and when we eat them
  8.  I like to control what is in our food, so I know we are getting the best
  9.  I can try new things, but equally enjoy bringing together the family favorites that give us a sense of identity
  10. I love food!


I love to cook because of the sensory experience of smelling, touching and handling food.

On the menu:  The coconut macadamia nut variation of Cook’s Illustrated Super Chunky Granola.  This can be put on top of yogurt, in a bowl with your favorite milk or by the handful straight out of the container (remember to watch your portion:)

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