Walk with others

Every Body Walk http://www.everybodywalk.org is a movement to get America walking. Walking and talking with others is a great way to move and connect at the same time. Many of us meet with their partner, family or friends to have dinner, lunch or brunch.  Plan a way to make walking part of that interaction with others.

Living in the city of Seattle gives me the opportunity to walk instead of hopping in my car (or taking Uber or Lyft).  Research has shown that city dwellers tend to walk more than their suburban counterparts.   I very much enjoy hiking to Happy Hour!

2 thoughts on “Walk with others

  1. Great video! They seemed to be addressing older people which made me think of the saying “practice makes perfect.” It does make me want to walk because I never want to lose that!
    I work out at the club, and garden almost every day, but this is a good reminder that simply walking is the best.

    I’m really liking this latest series Jan on finding healthy snacks when you’re out and about. I find myself doing that all the time. And, I like going around the neighborhood with you. 😁


    • I so agree “simply walking” is the most important way to move everyday for everybody! It can be physical (a brisk walk or up a few flights of stairs) and/or functional (walking from the back of a parking lot into a store) as mentioned in the video. Yes, snacking when you are out and about can be a challenge if you have not “packed a snack”. So when grab somthing on the go it is wise to read Nutrition Fact labels and search for whole foods.


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