Creating micro resolutions

The last few weeks I took a “blogging break” in order to do some traveling.

September is the start of a new school year and a great time to focus on putting yourself first by setting some lifestyle resolutions.   Back in January of this year, I  blogged about the how setting goals with measurable specific action steps supports your success making positive lifestyle changes. 

In the January 2016 issue of Better Homes & Gardens, Juno DeMelo’s excellent article entitled “10 Micro Resolutions” suggests “The secret to sticking to your good intentions is shrinking them down, ticking them off, and reaching your big goals one small step at a time”. This strategy really helps you to have success!

  • Instead of “I’ll exercise for an hour everyday”…Think “I’ll move for 10 minutes 3 times a day”.

For better health, 150 minutes of moderate-intensity cardio activity is recommended.  So consider brisk walking, raking or even biking around your neighborhood for 10-minute chunks throughout the day.  Take a walk at lunch or climb some stairs with a co-worker!

  • Instead of “I won’t sit so much”…Think “I will set up a get-up reminder”.

Use some method to cue yourself to get out of your seat at least once an hour.  Set up a reminder for every hour on your computer/phone or try the Stand Up! app (free on iTunes and Google Play).

Remember to make your micro resolutions specific steps to achieve your goal!


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