Micro resolutions-stress/positive attitude

What are healthy strategies that you have used that work to help you alleviate stress in your life?  A few weeks ago I had a day of personal business to  deal with that was creating some stress for me.  Before taking on those tasks, I decided to do something fun outside for one hour since it was such a beautiful day.

  • Instead of “I won’t let stress rule me”…Think “I’ll meditate for 5 minutes.”

Regular meditation has been linked to health benefits such as lower blood pressure.  It is suggested that you practice meditating in the same spot at the same time everyday.

  • Instead of “I’ll be more positive”…Think “I’ll count my complaints.”

It would be unrealistic to think you will never complain about anything ever again.  By becoming more aware of when you do complain by counting complaints, you can reduce this negative behavior.

10 Micro Resolutions by June DeMelo


Be sure to make your micro resolutions measurable (5 minutes, count the number of complaints).  My “joy ride” was for one hour!


2 thoughts on “Micro resolutions-stress/positive attitude

  1. Jan, I am taking to heart your comments on micro resolutions for stress. I live a goal-oriented life, but I never made the leap to using measurable activities to counteract stress. I think this is great, and I want to hear more ideas. This is going to make a difference in my life!


    • How we respond to stress is such a big piece of health and wellness. Everyone has stess in their life and being intentional about setting measurable micro resolutions (objectives, benchmarks:) to tackle stress can make significant difference in how we feel everyday. Walking each day is part of my routine that meets both my spiritual and exercise health goals. Meditation is one of those practices that I have to schedule! We need to remind ourselves that health and wellness is body, mind and spirit.


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