The real new year is September

  • Families put routines back in place
  • People clear clutter out-the change in temperature inspires many people to clear out garages, closets and get better organized
  • Many vow to plan and cook healthy meals-grocery stores say shopping baskets fill up more now as people promise to cook again and map out weekly meals
  • Gym memberships soar in September

We also see:

  • The latest smartphones unveiled
  • Executives hunker down for a fourth quarter slog to complete the year’s tasks
  • Some religious traditions linking the start of an agricultural cycle of sowing and harvests to new beginnings
  • Fall as the most popular time of the year to get married (last year 39% of weddings happened in the fall)
Ann Marie also reported that a social media survey indicated 69% of those responding believe small improvements in September are easier to achieve than New Year’s resolutions.  In addition, commenting, sharing and retweeting across six “starting afresh” categories which included wellness, food, and home projects has risen 19% since the start of September, according to Shareablee, a New York-based firm that measures social media activity.
September is the perfect time for making positive lifestyle changes. I so agree that, “September is the real new year”!

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