Know your body, check for stress, savor the good

The article by Elisha and Stephanie Goldstein entitled Love Your body, Free Your Mind at has some excellent suggestions on how to tap into the power of your body.  Take time to check in and notice your body.  Develop awareness and then let yourself feel the power of your body.

  • Know and listen to your body-lay down, close your eyes, and feel any body sensations—like tingling, warmth, coolness, tension—notice  and listen to these sensations so you can understand and mange your emotions.
  • Check-in for stress-do hourly checkins, taking a deep breath and noticing where tension arises—maybe in the brow, jaw, shoulders, or abdomen. Breathe, then stretch and adjust your posture.
  • Be aware of and savor the good-we feel positive and negative emotions in our body-when you feel good how does your body feel-warm, relaxed-awareness of positive emotions sparks positive reactions such as an urge to appreciate beautiful scenery or the impulse to play.

Some of the physical symptoms of stress include:

  • muscle tension
  • headaches
  • dry mouth
  • chest pain
  • shoulder/neck pain
  • muscle spasms/tics
  • clinched jaw

Body language often present when feeling positive or on a “happy high”, includes a smiling face and eyes, relaxed muscle groups and an open body posture.

The suggestion is made on to “pay extra close attention to our bodies ‘check engine’ lights”.  It seems to me we often pay closer attention to how our vehicle is running than how our body is running.

Try working to find and focus on your positive emotions.  For me this always sparks an appreciation for beautiful scenery and the impulse to move and play!


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