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Happy Holidays 2016

The holiday season is a great time to fit in activities with family and friends that do not just include eating;) Be sure and get outside and experience nature. This is a view of the Leavenworth Washington Christmas Lighting ceremony. I will be taking a blogging break for a few weeks to travel and play!

Daily dose of beans

Beans are the foundation of every Blue Zone diet.  In fact, Blue Zone residents eat at least four times as many beans as the average American.  Beans are cheap and versatile.  Beans are hearty and healthy.  They are certainly a superfood made up of 21% protein, 77% complex carbohydrates, and just a small percentage of […]
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Reduce dairy/occasional egg

There are very few foods that I do not particularly like and eggs is one of them.  Growing up, our family would have egg night once a week as an economical dinner. The egg preparation I like is one that mixes eggs with veggies such as peppers, mushrooms, and onions such as a frittata or […]
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Retreat from meat/fish is fine

The fish I grew up eating was what our family caught  from fresh water lakes in the midwest and the occasional taste of shrimp cocktail my dad would prepare for my mom. We had pan-fried bass, bluegill and catfish.  My brother Steve makes the most amazing light beer batter fried fish I have ever tasted. […]
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Plant Slant

Looking for ways to include Blue Zone foods and adapt their customs for your lifestyle can help you reach the goal to feed your body in the best way possible.  Longevity diets all contain fewer calories than we in the US are used to eating with Blue Zones residents eating approximately 20 percent less than […]
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Four always, four to avoid

Blue Zone residents have access to locally grown vegetables and fruits and cook at home to make healthy foods taste good. We can all work towards making better food choices that support longevity by following guidelines that push out processed food and sugar and replaces them with nutritious whole foods. Four always/four to avoid Start […]
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Celebrate and Enjoy Food

Celebrating and enjoying food is one of life’s great pleasures.  In the current culture, many fear food and eating.  Food fears can start a vicious cycle of restricting and overeating.  Eating healthy food, in the right portions makes you feel amazing! Enjoy good meals and the occasional celebration.  If you love that Thanksgiving Pecan Pie, […]
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Eat with friends/family

Eating with friends and family makes that meal a time for sharing.  I grew up in a family that sat down together to eat dinner nightly.  We were not a wealthy family and did not have an abundance of food, but we always sat down for dinner together and had lively conversation!  My mom continues […]
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Hara Hachi Bu/Fast Fasts

When I go visit my mom back in the midwest we always hold hands and she says grace before we eat dinner, even if it is just the two of us.  I love the way she gives my hand a quick squeeze with hers when she finishes the prayer. I have to continue to work […]
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Cook at home

As a child, I can remember following my mom around our small kitchen as she prepared meals for our family after working all day.  The pride she took in feeding her family healthy home cooked meals was very clear and continues to sustain her as she ages. As an adult, I love spending time in […]
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