Swimming in Hawaii

The Kauai Hyatt has a very large sand-salt water pool that is perfect for swimming laps.  It lies between the hotel and the ocean and it was one of the reasons I love to go back and stay at this property.

First you heat up on the beach and then you jump in the water and swim some laps.

A wise way to stay healthy when you are grieving is to move everyday since it is excellent for both your physical and mental health.  There is no better full body exercise than swimming.

This salt water pool even has a deep area where scuba lessons are held.  I signed up one afternoon and a few days later I was out giving it a try in the ocean.  My instructor told us that the most important factor for success, was comfort level in the water.  I am a former life guard who has been swimming since I was a preschooler and I am very comfortable in the water. However, that factor did not help me since I realized after the ocean scuba experience (nausea and what comes next-yuck) that scuba diving is not my thing.  I guess I will have to stick with snorkeling!

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