Say yes to Thanksgiving makeovers

So some of you may have had a large gathering and have little leftover food.  My Thanksgiving was a small intimate affair with just single servings of some of the dishes such as crustless pecan pie, but I had so much turkey, so many sides, and crudités left over from our meal.  Growing up my mom was very careful about not wasting food and so I got used to eating leftovers.  However, my family is not enthusiastic when they hear “leftovers”  if they inquire about dinner.  So I have decided to be creative and use these foods in new and different ways.  Makeovers!  I saw this term and use it all the time to describe my new creations.  I added dressing to sautéed  mushrooms, onions, and peppers and cooked an egg on top for a delish breakfast!

See what I did with mashed potatoes below. Using the potatoes to make crab cakes was an idea I picked up from a family friend, Julia.  Ask  your family and friends what they do with their leftover food.  You just may pick up a perfect idea for a delicious makeover!

I just do not feel right wasting food so I get creative.  I used all of my leftover turkey and crudités in a turkey Tetrazzini casserole that freezes great!

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