Holiday eating strategies

I do not crave salty things like I do sweet things.  I can easily ignore a bag of potato chips if it is sitting on a shelf in my kitchen.  However, I love corn chips for some reason.  Maybe it was my first taste of Fritos corn chips from the tiny little bags at the grocery store many decades ago.  So if there is something you love or crave, eat it for one day only.  A batch of baked beef nachos is a rare treat, just as it should be.  By the way, this was a shared pan of nachos:)

  • If you love it eat it-for only one day
  • If you are hosting offer lower-calorie alternatives
  • If you are a guest, bring those options with you
  • Send guests home with leftovers
  • If you are a guest, refuse unhealthy leftovers-nicely
  • Enjoy your favorite dish, but do not take seconds
  • If you do not love it, do not eat it
  • If you opt for dessert, choose one, and have one serving
  • Add active fun and games at the event

(Small Change holiday eating tips from Keri Gans, RD)

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