Constructive Wallowing in 2017

As I looked down from my perch in a gondola overlooking this spectacular winter mountain setting, my focus was on a set of ski tracks in the snow.  The path that each of us takes every minute, every day, or even every year is our own path.

The past year was a challenging year grieving for my mom after her death in late February. Grief is a universal human emotion that is extremely personal.  The title of this book caught my eye and although it is not a book about grieving, it describes the healing path I took over the last ten months.

The book’s focus is on giving yourself permission to take “the time to pay attention to all of your emotions”,  which include sad and negative emotions.  The author suggests that if you do not take that time, you could be passing up on happiness and growth.  All emotions are energy, not just the positive ones and that energy can serve to motivate, transform, and heal.

“The emotion that can break your heart is sometimes the very one that heals it.” Nicholas Sparks

Time may only dull the pain of grief. What is healing is what you do with that time.  Health and wellness is multidimensional and I started to heal one day at a time by following as many of my healthy lifestyle routines as possible.  Eating healthy and getting in physical activity outside came much earlier than the return to writing blog posts.

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