Holidays can be a challenge

Today, on Christmas Day 2017, it has been ten months since my mom passed away.  Living during this past year has been a challenge for me because of her death.  Holidays can be a challenge for many, but especially those who have lost a loved one.

The past weekend was filled with snow, something my mom loved and so wished for each Christmas.  Since my family lives back in the Midwest, we had a group text exchange. It looks like we all experienced the beauty of snow (along with some extra work:), but to me it felt like the close presence of mom.

What a special snow snowshoe trip it was on a snowy Christmas weekend!

My brother and I were discussing living and dying yesterday and death really is a part of life.  Each of us will experience the death of someone we love if we live long enough.  Confronting the death of a loved one is an important and unique life experience. Each of us mourns in a different way.  Grief is an unbearable heartbreak, but resist the urge to ignore your feelings and bury your emotions. The time to grieve is now in the moment of loss.

This is a poem that my sister sent me that rings so true!


Death leaves a heartache

no one can heal…

Love leaves a memory

no one can steal…


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