Four Key Healthy Habits

In my blog post at the end of November 2017, I suggested that a great time to map out some healthy lifestyle changes is at the start of the holiday season.  You may have decided to wait until the New Year.  Anytime is the right time to make lasting healthy lifestyle changes.  My featured image  is a vegetarian dinner which includes a leafy green salad and spaghetti squash topped with zucchini.

It is hard to believe January 2018 is coming to a close. Early in January, I read an excellent article from one of my favorite health writers who has a weekly column in the Seattle Times and a great health blog. Check out Carrie Dennett at

Carrie reported “research shows that people who have four key healthy habits have the lowest risk of dying before their time, and that risk is the same regardless of body weight.”  Those four key habits that may equal an extra 14 years of life are:

  • Eating at least five servings of fruits and vegetables each day
  • Exercising at least three times weekly
  • Only drinking alcohol in moderation
  • And not smoking

Most of my exercise takes place outside.

Following these four key habits however, cannot wipe away all risk since other factors, such as social factors (i.e. relationships, environment) and genetics also affect health. However, starting on these four healthy habits right now could significantly extend your life!


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