Smile and make your day

As I started my bike last weekend I was pretty bummed.  A light drizzle turned into a downpour.  I stopped at one point and considered turning back. However, I decided to continue my bike, take it slow, and really look at all of the beauty present along the roadside.

I found an accidental selfie that evening when I was looking at all of my “green” photos.  I have never really understood the selfie pout and did not purposely pose for this photo. It was one of those photos taken by accident.  This expression does not convey my biking experience that day!

The one below does.  Doesnt this photo look  better?

Smiling can change your attitude and mood.  Smiles are contagious. When you smile at someone, they almost always smile back:) Try it with family, friends, and strangers.  Make your day and theirs too.  No pouting!

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