Say yes to your body

Shonda Rhimes “Year of Yes” is filled with positive wellness and health messages. Sister Delorse’s muttered message with her head down, is purposeful. Those six startling words, “You never say yes to anything” lie there camouflaged in Shonda’s brain. After going to a Kennedy Center Honors celebration which she has been told to attend, she abruptly awakens one morning at four with a thought that makes her sit up in bed. “If they had asked me, I would have said no.” If she had been asked if she wanted to sit in the presidential box at the Kennedy Center Honors, this would have been her response. Shonda soon makes the decision to “say yes”.

Shonda eventually decides to say yes to her body. She finally admits “I don’t FEEL good”. Although part of this feeling is emotional, primarily it is physical. She states “My knees hurt. My joints hurt. I can’t get comfortable. I can’t touch my toes”. She thinks about exercise first and then while working with a personal trainer, realizes she loves Pilates. Find those physical activities that you enjoy and will participate in regularly.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, being fit really does start in your head. Shonda states that “no one’s body is up for comment” no matter it’s size or shape. How true! She decides the wants to be HEALTHY for herself and her children. She decides she wants to FEEL good. How do you feel?


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