Keep family and friend gatherings active

For many years we would pack up our van with all of the makings for a perfect Thanksgiving dinner and head to Wapato Point in Eastern Washington. We would rent a house at Lake Chelan for the long weekend. Usually one grandparent would join us on our expedition. Combine physical activities with family and friend gatherings.

The day of our dinner, I would spend some time in the kitchen before putting in a big bird and then head outside to play with the guys. Depending on the weather, when our sons were younger we would take walks, play on the beach or do some swimming in their indoor pool. Some years, we would head out to play football in the snow and as the boys got older we would bike through the orchards. After dinner, we would head back out to run off the calories.

With friends, time at the lake, the beach or in the Cascade Mountains can be spent boating, swimming, biking, beach walking, hiking or tubing. The list is endless. Just make a plan to be active!



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