Sixteen secrets for minimizing excess calories

These strategies are listed in the book The Okinawa Program by Bradley Willcox and Craig Willcox.  This week I have been blogging about the healthy diet of the Okinawan people.  You may be using or have heard of some of these strategies, but there could be one on this list that you might want to give a try!

  1. Spice up your meals
  2. Bulk up your salads
  3. Drink water before your meal
  4. Try a juice spritzer, instead of juice
  5. Have a cup of green or jasmine tea before you walk
  6. Spray don’t pour the oil
  7. Have a chunky soup
  8. Read labels
  9. Get a lunchbox
  10. Measure before cooking pasta
  11. Savor your  snack
  12. Earn your calories
  13. Satisfy your cravings in other ways
  14. Friendly reminders
  15. Think small
  16. Get inspired

One of the strategies I use everyday is number eight.  Read the labels on food packaging.  What you can find out about what you are going to be putting into your body is amazing.  For example, a focus for me is eating whole foods so I want to know how many and what type of ingredients are in the product before I make my purchase.  I also want to know the serving size and how many calories are in each serving.


This above or this:


I say no to this peanut butter:)

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