Safari at Ngala

I have always loved going to the zoo to watch the animals!  As children my mom took us to the Glen Oak Park Zoo in Peoria Illinois near where we lived.  There were some summer nights when you could hear the lions roaring from our house.  When living in St. Louis after college I made frequent trips to the zoo.  When my sons were young we would regularly visit the zoo and aquarium in Seattle and would bring grandma along with us when she visited. It was so exciting to see Hansa, the baby Asian elephant who was born in captivity at the Woodland Park Zoo. She died suddenly at only six years of age from an elephant herpes virus and later the zoo closed their elephant exhibit.

I have also always wanted to go on safari and see the animals in the wild!

In August, we got the chance to join our son and daughter-in-law, who are seasoned travelers, on safari in South Africa.  Getting there from the US is a trek, but well worth the extended overnight time spent on flights.  We stayed at Ngala Tented Camp:

  • the first private game reserve to be incorporated into Kruger National Park
  • a tented safari camp
  • with daily sunrise and sunset game viewing
  • walking safaris
  • a prolific array of spectacular wildlife
  • one of South Africa’s best-kept game-viewing secrets


We had so much fun sharing our safari vehicle with Meredith and Dewey who so graciously took the top back seat on most of our game viewings. Meredith made this leopard sighting!


We saw and heard some very large and very loud lions.  One night viewing trip, we were observing over ten lions and lionesses who had been feasting on the remains of a water buffalo.  As one of the males approached a female possibly in estrus, she roared and swiped at him with her paw and within moments the entire pride began roaring.  It was deafening!  Everyone, other than Dewey perched high in back, was quite surprised at the roaring coming from directly behind our vehicle!

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