Coming to the end of our safari

This blog post featured photo is of the dry river bed next to camp.  We could sit out on the deck of our tent, look out across the river bed and see elephants on the far bank feeding in the trees.

A herd of over five hundred water buffalo moved right past our vehicle.

We were in the right place, at the right time the last night of our stay.  We watched as three young lions took down a water buffalo right near our tent camp…

And the next day…

Our amazing Ranger Scotty and Tracker Earnest set up coffee/tea and snacks for us on our morning game viewing trip.  Scotty and Earnest had extensive knowledge that provided for an unforgettable experience which included a walking safari one day. This talented team gave us up close game viewing while respecting the wildlife.


There is simply nothing to compare with sitting in an open air jeep a few yards from so very many majestic animals to truly witness the circle of life.  Our African safari was awe-inspiring!

Ngala Tented Camp staff, including our hospitable butler Kebu, knew just what to provide to meet the needs of guests.  It is clear why the camp’s owner &Beyond is such a renowned ecotourism company given our stay at Ngala.


Lee-Anne is a field ranger based at Ngala which is a private concession within the Kruger National Park in South Africa. She took action to educate the world about the slaughter that was taking place after a number of encounters with poached rhinos. Ngala rangers are involved in the campaign to help bring attention to the poaching of rhinos. Poaching rhinos for their horns is the greatest threat facing the creatures and the number of rhinos poached in South Africa has increased by around 9,000% since 2007 according to the WWF.

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