Limiting news exposure

I have blogged before about limiting exposure to graphic terrorism news reports in relationship to health and wellness for children and adults.  Given this political season along with global terrorism and economic uncertainty, news images and messages can create depression and stress regarding issues that are beyond our sphere of influence.  I often choose to unplug from this information in order to use that important time to take care of myself so that what I do matters to others.

This past weekend I felt I was coming down with a cold.  We had planned to go out to dinner, but I really felt a need to get outside in the sunshine and fresh air so we went for a beautiful walk in South Lake Union neighborhood before we went to dinner.  There is nothing quite like watching the seaplanes splash down on Lake Union.


When I focus on important personal priorities, I have peace of mind and time to spare to do those things that help me to stay healthy and well.

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