Find your “awe”

Last week I took an early morning ferry to Vashon Island  to get some work done.  I was one of the last two cars on the ferry with a great spot right in the middle lane.  This ferry spot is a coveted position because you are in the lane of traffic that exits the ferry first.  Once on the island, I witnessed this pink, blue, and mauve sunrise over Puget Sound that I could not take my eyes off of.  A short while later after the sun was up, I caught this guy sitting high up on a branch in a snag . I had two awe’s in less than an hour.

I have a need to “be in awe” each and every day.  Usually this awe that overcomes me is something that I witness in nature and is a healthy awe.  If it is the taste of a batch of delicious Gluten Free Girl teff brownies  that I whip up in my kitchen and I have a little too much of a good thing, it turns out to be a less healthy awe:)

What is your healthy “awe”?  Consider discovering it, if you have not already, since it can be a very important piece of wellness!

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