Need to move outside

The choices we make everyday matter to each of us and others in our life.  Another way I put myself first, is to make sure I get a chance to move outside everyday.  While I was over on Vashon Island to get some work done last week, I mentioned to a special friend that first I got my work done and my reward was a hike down into the Maury Island Marine Park to try out some new hiking poles.  It was a fun hike with some real elevation gain on the way back up from Puget Sound.


My hike was in the same area where a cougar has been sighted on numerous occasions in the last month.  I am happy to report I did not see the elusive cougar! Check out this video about the cougar that has beautiful shots of the area where I was hiking.

I love the very light carbon fiber hiking poles that will help to relieve some strain on my knees!

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